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TownChat is social media app that users can use to search local people in the town and connect with them. Unlike other social media apps users will need to follow each other to start sending messages.

TownChat is amazing because........

  • tourits can use TownChat to search and socialize with local people
  • tourists can send messages to local people in their local language
  • tourists can search and find places of attraction around the town
  • tourists can get an understanding of local values and culture

App Features

Secure Signup

Signup on TownChat is through taking selfie. TownChat does not allow to create fake or more than one accounts so that users could always feel safe

Off Internet Messaging

No worries if not connected to Internet. TownChat provides amazing experience of sending messages without the internet

Nudge to Connect

No need to share personal details like phone number while connecting with people using TownChat. Simply send nudge and connect

Scheduled Messages

TownChat lets no one miss on important messages. Use message scheduler to schedule messages for future date and time

Ask an Expert

Now use TownChat to ask questions from experts in various industries. Just select an industry and click on "Ask Question"

Local Meetup

Meet with local friends at TownChat Meetup to understand their local values and culture and make dream travel memories amazing

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