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About Us

TownChat is an amazing app that will connect you to your local pals giving you a unique experience never enjoyed before.

Privacy is an absolute prerequisite.........

Social media users do everything they can to negate their privacy and tell people everything they do, from eating to sleeping, traveling and even family moments. A lot of people seem happy to let random strangers track their location at all times and know exactly what they’re doing, what they like and the people they meet.

Our story began when we faced certain privacy issues on social media and decided to resolve them......

We have designed TownChat in a way that no one will be able to access your personal information and content that you share with your friends and family. When we say Privacy...We mean Privacy. You can use TownChat for an amazing experience which is more than WhatsApp and Viber. You can search your local pals with TownChat and can connect with them. TownChat is amazing because........

  • Tourists Can use TownChat to search and socialize with local people.
  • TownChat users can search and connect with nearby contacts.
  • Organizations can create public rooms for customer experience.

App Features

Off Internet Working

No worries if you are not connected to Internet or Wifi. TownChat will provide you amazing experience of sending messages and files without internet.

Augmented Privacy

You do not need to show your contact details including phone number while connecting with people using TownChat. Simply send a nudge and connect.

Community Chat

Connect with people across various communities all over the world and become part of our unique community chat experience.

Pay With TownCash

Now you can make InApp payments for online and offline purchases and send money to your friends with our encrypted e-Wallet TownCash.

QR Code Scanner

Our InApp QR Code Scanner makes it so easy to transfer a web link to users mobile phones so that they can buy products by making quick payments.

Live Streaming

Celebrities and organizations can live stream through TownChat. Live Streaming allows for both video and audio streaming.

App Screens

Our Team

Adeel Javaid


Dale Seavey


Faisal Yasin


Gregory Paul Salmon

Chief Compliance Officer

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